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Watershed Assessment Plan

The Watershed Assessment Plan was completed in 1999 and marked a momentous time for PMWC.  It was the first collection of all information known about the Pere Marquette River basin and assembled in one location.  Furthermore, it was the first time such an undertaking was completed through a private endeavor, as past assessments were the responsibility of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR).  The Plan was accomplished within one year’s time.  Funding for the  project was provided by the Frey Foundation, the Steelcase Foundation, PMWC and Northern Ecological Services of Reed City, who compiled the data and agreed to fund the cost overage at the completion of the project. 

The purpose of the assessment was to identify what was known about the region and conversely, what was not known.  Issues were identified that required attention which led PMWC to adopt a long-range plan.  A brief recap by Dick Schwikert lists the issues below – problems and opportunites . 

CO-OP Student Projects

The Pere Marquette Watershed Council partners with local colleges and universities to complete smaller bank stabilization and river clean-up projects. The Council obtains grant monies to fund the material cost of the projects, while the manpower is completed with volunteer student labor.

PMWC has been joined by eager adventuresome college students from the Ferris State University Honors Program (FSU) on several projects.  The students have provided enthusiasm and manpower where cost or inaccessibility has limited other approaches. In the case of the Custer Township Park completed in 2006, nearly 100 cubic yards of stone needed to be placed and arranged along a degraded public access site.  PMWC member Dave Gibbs provided the heavy equipment necessary to move the stone to the river’s edge, while students rolled the rocks in place.  The project received a $2,500 grant from Dow Chemical, $1,000 donation from PMWC with the remaining funds being covered by Custer Township.






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